An Update From Academic Consulting

21 March, 2020

We’ve been putting a lot of thought into what we can do to help the research community in these unsettling times. While many of you are understandably needing to place your attention on other needs, we’re also aware there will be people who need to keep up momentum with their research. This may be challenging for some as options for face-to-face support at universities become increasingly restricted, and self-isolation may mean that people feel less connected to their research and the research community.

We know that one of our most popular offerings is our free webinars – people love the practical tips and tricks they offer, and the one-hour length means that they’re easily digestible. So, we’ve put recordings of our most popular research-related webinars online (see below) and are offering these at no charge for you to watch (and hopefully learn!) from. Note that some of these webinars were recorded a little while ago (there may have been minor updates to the software), but there are still lots of tips, tricks and practical suggestions for you to implement in your own research. Please share these videos with anyone you know that may be interested – we’d love for as many people as possible to benefit from these resources.

We’re also running several free live webinars showcasing the recently released update of NVivo and our online training courses will continue as normal. If you need individual assistance for your project we’re more than happy to offer appointments online – just contact us to arrange this. If you’re in need of data analysis or proofreading/formatting, we are still taking bookings for these services and can arrange the details via email with you.

We’ll also be offering free online drop-in sessions for anyone who needs to ask a quick question about their research. We hope these drop-ins will be particularly helpful for those of you who may have had upcoming field work/data collection plans disrupted. If you’re needing to re-think your data collection schedule, are frantically switching to another data collection method or have any other research-related issues as a result of recent disruptions, we’d be happy to help with any questions you have (or even just be a helpful sounding board!). We’re expecting high demand for these drop-ins so time slots will be restricted to 10–15 minutes per person. If you’re interested in connecting with us, simply click here at the designated time(s) to join the waiting room for the drop-in. We’ll post times for the week each Friday afternoon on our Facebook page – next week’s times are Monday 30th March @ 1pm, Tuesday 31st March @ 3pm, Wednesday 1st April @ 11am and Friday 3rd April @ 2pm.

We're making plans for additional online support options, including a virtual 'Bring Your Own Project Day'. If you have ideas for anything you'd like to see us offer, please let us know! We'll be posting updates regarding online drop-in times and any additional online services we offer to our Facebook page, so now would be a great time to follow us if you haven't already.

If you have any questions about our services, resources or anything else we can assist with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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