Statistical Testing for Beginners

If a t-test sounds like something you’d do to test the strength of your cuppa, and you think kurtosis is a tropical disease, then this is the course for you! This online course introduces participants to quantitative data analysis. We’ll cover how to calculate descriptive statistics (and what they mean) as well as basic statistical tests such as t-tests, ANOVAs, correlation and chi-square. You will learn how to choose an appropriate statistical test, with guidance provided on interpreting and writing up the results. If you’re needing to conduct advanced statistical testing, then this isn’t the course for you – but you might learn a few useful tips anyway!

By the end of this course attendees will have a good understanding of how to:

  • Interpret a range of descriptive statistics such as measures of central tendency and variability
  • Interpret key information from statistical tests such as p-values and significance levels, degrees of freedom and test statistics
  • Select the correct statistical procedure from a range of options including t-tests, ANOVA, correlation, and non-parametric tests such as chi-square
  • Interpret output tables from statistical analyses
  • Interpret effect sizes and appreciate how they relate to statistical testing
  • Access further resources on statistical analysis.

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