Maximise Your Research Productivity

Our Maximise Your Research Productivity course is your opportunity to make some serious progress on your current research projects. If you’re a busy academic with a deadline you’re hoping to meet by the end of the year, now is the perfect time to reflect on where you’re at and make plans for the remainder of 2020.

Maximise Your Research Productivity is a little different to our usual courses in that it’s customised to what you need and designed to fit around busy lives. You don’t need to attend at a set time and can work through the material when you have the chance – whether that’s breaks between teaching and meetings, or early in the morning before your colleagues arrive in the office.

Registering for Maximise Your Research Productivity gives you access to the following:

A key part of the course is the three hours you can spend with Lyn – in terms of what you can spend the time on it’s entirely up to you, but the following are some options:

  • Setting-up your NVivo project or SPSS data
  • Learning how to use NVivo or SPSS effectively
  • Developing an analysis plan
  • Developing a coding framework for your qualitative analysis
  • Reviewing any analysis conducted so far
  • Discussing your proposed research design
  • Receiving feedback on writing
  • Having weekly or fortnightly check-ins on your progress
  • Discussing your goals and strategies for maximising your time
  • Anything else you would find helpful (or you can ask Lyn for suggestions!)

Who is the course for?

The course is suitable for academic researchers who are looking for more efficient ways of working within their teaching and/or research commitments. While the course will be particularly helpful for those who wish to progress a particular aspect of their data analysis or writing, those who simply want to work more efficiently on a day-to-day basis will learn plenty of practical tips to assist with this.

About Lyn

Lyn LaveryLyn has taught research methods and data analysis in New Zealand universities for 20 years. She is an NVivo Platinum Certified Trainer and has previously trained for SPSS NZ, so is confident working across quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods projects. Her own PhD research focused on motivation, time management and information management with postgraduate students, so she’s pretty well placed to help you out with some tips for maximising productivity and reaching your research goals.

The fine print

  • The three hours individual coaching with Lyn must be used within the three-month period of the course.
  • Make sure you give Lyn a bit of a heads up as to when you’d like to meet (ideally meetings will be booked a week ahead of time, but times may be available on short notice).
  • You’ll only have access to the webinar recordings while you’re enrolled in the course, so you’ll need to make a plan for when you’ll watch the material.
  • At least 24 hours notice must be provided for cancellation/postponement of coaching appointments.
  • Need more time over the three months? No problem – additional time with Lyn can be purchased at the regular rate of NZ$240 per hour (GST inclusive).

Course registration

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