Become an NVivo Coding Ninja

This online course is aimed at researchers who have grasped the basics of coding in NVivo, and are looking to extend their learning. We’ll start out by revising useful coding techniques and teach you the fundamentals of developing an effective coding framework. Techniques for ‘automating’ coding will also be covered, in addition to a range of shortcuts for working with nodes. This course is a must-do for researchers who are looking to improve and streamline their coding techniques.

By the end of this course attendees will have a good understanding of how to:

  • Choose an NVivo coding technique that is fit for purpose
  • Speed up coding using a range of techniques including shortcut keys
  • Develop an effective NVivo coding framework
  • Use automated coding as an investigative analysis technique
  • Autocode and use this as an initial “first cut” when coding
  • Review coding and edit coding/nodes in NVivo.

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