Analysing Qualitative Data

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Research data collected via qualitative approaches (such as focus groups or interviews) can be difficult to analyse. We often have a lot of material, it may not be very uniform, and it can be unclear what to prioritise. Furthermore, knowing how to identify a β€œtheme” or do justice to contrasting views expressed by participants is rarely as straightforward as we’d hope. This online course provides a focused introduction to qualitative data analysis, and covers the key stages in the process including coding and identifying patterns in your data. This course is interspersed with practical tips and aims to leave attendees feeling more confident in approaching this vital – but inevitably messy – stage of the research cycle.

By the end of this course attendees will have a good understanding of how to:

  • Work through the steps involved in the qualitative data analysis process
  • Develop a good coding framework and the importance of this
  • Approach the coding of qualitative data
  • Move beyond codes and develop themes
  • Create and work with memos and the usefulness of this
  • Be aware of some of the logistics of analysing qualitative data, including the use of different CAQDAS applications
  • Access further resources on qualitative data analysis.

Note: This is a two-hour online training course. Our regular schedule is currently on hold, but you can access the content of this course via our Research Accelerator membership.

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