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  1. Data preparation and management and its relationship with the analysis process
  2. Different approaches to qualitative data analysis
  3. A general inductive approach to thematic analysis
  4. Strategies for data familiarisation
  5. How to develop a well-designed framework
  6. Techniques for moving beyond coding into interpretation
  7. Reflexivity and memo writing
  8. The practicalities of qualitative data analysis

Qualitative data analysis masterclass

Thursday 1st December, 9am-4pm

  1. Working with classifications
  2. Advanced text searching, coding, and matrix coding queries
  3. Compound, coding comparison, and group queries
  4. Working with sets, search folders, and advanced find
  5. A range of visualisations, including explore and comparison diagrams
  6. Project merging and teamwork
  7. NVivo Plus tools: sentiment analysis, automated thematic coding, and social network analysis

NVivo masterclass

Friday 2nd December, 9am-4pm


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Tue 29 Nov 9:00am
Thu 01 Dec 9:00am
Fri 02 Dec 9:00am
Tue 06 Dec 9:30am
Date to be confirmed – register your interest.


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